Web Design

What is my IP

Building a website to identify a user's IP address includes a search engine with the same Hebrew domains

Bar-Ziv Ravid Inc

adjust site for SEO


Website Design and Development

Wordpress Templates


Building a WordPress template and adjusting customer management system

Or Hanetzach

Building a WordPress template


Building a WordPress template, Develop and Edit plugins

Wordpress plugins


Developing a system to identify the user's location and closing the site on Saturday and Holiday

WP SEOstas

Development plugin that displays information from various SEO Sources

Post Analytics

Development plugin displays information from Google Analytics for the post

Who Are You Dr.Mosko?

My name is Gal Moskovitch, age 33, worked in the software field up of 15 years now, specialized in the web after the army, I have acknowledged in all web programming languages and I chose to work with PHP, JS, JQUERY, HTML, CSS. 5 years ago I chose to work with WordPress and I'm working with it today as content management system, I develop WordPress plugins by customer request, and Building Dynamic WordPress Templates. I have familiarity with the Google search engine and Google demands to bring your site to the maximum ranking in Google search results. I am an honest, responsible, and have a high work ethics, I would love to be a partner in your next web project!

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